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Onka Allmayer-Beck

Illustrator and fashion designer Onka Allmayer-Beck once again demonstrates how diversely the theme of time can be interpreted in her ‘Zodiac’ project. Her project: A structure made from handpainted ceramic tiles that is open at the front, illustrating time both fragmented and in its entirety, and addressing the slowing of time. The artist hopes that her installation will force viewers to pause.

Onka Allmayer-Beck studied fashion design in London before working for various top-class fashion labels. After almost ten years in the fashion industry, it was time for a change. Since then, she has intensively and successfully occupied herself with illustrations and drawings. During her time as a fashion designer, she above all learned to value one thing: the quality and individuality of handmade items. She also skilfully implements these values in her project for the Rado Star Prize Austria: Every tile in the installation is a unique handmade piece. “Manual work is about taking your time,” says Allmayer-Beck. “Slowing down the working process for the creator and forcing viewers to pause.” The 5 x 5 cm tiles were glazed in an elaborate process and decorated with black circular elements and the signs of the zodiac in gold leaf. The drawings shown are reduced to a simple, strong graphic formal language. Each tile is unique and works as a standalone piece, while creating an overall picture when the tiles are brought together.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka