Rado Star Prize – General Information


The Rado Star Prize Spain supports young up-and-coming designers, offering them a platform to showcase their work to experts in the field and to the public. We are looking for projects by the next generation of design talent that use materials – ancient or modern – colour, and that harness the power of craftsmanship to show us what the future looks like.

A specialist panel of judges, consisting of professionals from the world of design and Rado, will evaluate the designs submitted and select finalists and the winner. All finalists will have the opportunity to display their Projects during the Madrid Design Festival and will be entered into the online vote for the Public’s Choice Award.

Important dates

Submissions will be accepted on the website https://radostarprize.rado.com/spain from Tuesday 5th of November 2019 until the 29th of December, 2019, at 11 pm.

All the finalists will be automatically entered into the public vote award, and the finalist receiving the most votes from the public will win the Public’s Choice Award. The voting will take place on https://radostarprize.rado.com/spain from the 9th of January 2020, at 9 am, CET to the 12th of February 2020 at 11 pm.


Entry is open to all up-and-coming designers.


  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Must be a Spain resident
  • Must either study a design discipline (i.e. undergraduate), or otherwise aiming to become a designer
  • Must not be a professional designer (i.e. graduate designer) or employed as a designer in any capacity
  • Can only enter one design

This competition is only open to solo designers; group or collaborative entries will not be accepted.

Each participant must submit the following on the Spain Rado Star Prize website:

  • Name, address and a short biography
  • Field of design of project with a short description
  • Visuals / technical drawings / concept ideas of the project (up to four in total)

Projects should be either an Industrial or Product Design.

Designs for timepieces or other horological instruments will not be accepted.


The Winner of Rado Star Prize Spain 2020

  • A Rado watch
  • A cash prize of 5000€
  • Possibility to present her/his project in the next Design Fair
  • Possibility to have her/his project featured in selected Rado POS in her/his country.

Public’s Choice Award

  • A Rado watch

The winner of the Rado Star Prize Spain 2020 and the winner of the Public’s Choice Award will be notified during the Rado Star Prize Ceremony Award in February 14th of 2020. Both winners will be announced using their first and last name with their winning design on the Rado Star Prize and Rado websites and Rado’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Rado Star Prize – Terms and Conditions

Entry / Participant

No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to participate in or win the Rado Star Prize Spain 2020 competition.

Participants which do not meet the entry requirements, do not fulfil these Terms and Conditions, and/or submit false information may be disqualified.

All entries need to meet the theme and design requirements, any entries not meeting these requirements may be disqualified. Any design incorporating a design for a watch or other timepieces will not be considered.

Employees of Rado Watch Co. Ltd (“Rado”), of any of Rado’s affiliates and of commissioned agents and agencies, employees of Madrid Design Festival, any collaborators as well as persons living in the same household with such employees are not eligible to enter this competition nor are they allowed to carry out, assist or consult in any way an entry to the competition. Similarly, the judges and relatives of a judge (including but not restricted to design firms, teams, family members etc.) are not eligible to take part in the competition. Any such person’s entry will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

Rado or The Swatch Group (España) is not responsible for disappointment suffered by any person not being able to take part in the competition for technical reasons, both in and outside of Rado’s control (e.g. insufficient internet access at the private/public place from which a person wishes to submit their entry), or for any other reason. 

Participants are required to submit entries in a readable format. It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to ensure that their entry is free from any viruses. Rado or The Swatch Group (España) will not be liable for entries into the competition that are lost, misdirected, delayed or corrupted, for technical reasons or otherwise. 

Submissions can only be made electronically and as such will not be returned to the Participant.

Each finalist nominated by the judges shall make and consign to The Swatch Group (España) a 3D prototype including a suitable transportation box or container of the submitted design by February 4th 2020. The Swatch Group (España) will contribute to the cost with a maximum of 600€ for construction and delivery to a place as instructed by The Swatch Group (España). The prototype shall be returned to Participant after the 2020 edition of the Rado Star Prize Spain. Participant will be responsible for the costs and shipment of the return. The participant shall be solely responsible for the shipment and return of the prototype to the named place The Swatch Group (España) in the country of its residence Spain. The shipment to any place outside the country of residence will be organized and paid by Rado or The Swatch Group (España).


The judges, consisting of professionals from the world of design and from Rado Watch Co. Ltd, will evaluate the designs submitted and select the finalists, as well as the winner of the competition. Rado or The Swatch Group (España) reserves the right to substitute a member of the jury at any time. 

The Swatch Group (España) will be the point of contact between the Participants and the judges, and will ensure that any identifiable data of participants will not be disclosed to the judges prior to the announcement of the finalists and the winner of the Jury Prize. All judging decisions will be anonymous.

Rado or The Swatch Group (España) will further ensure that judges’ decisions are made according to the deadlines set and to the criteria stated, but will not interfere in any way in the judging process or decisions. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. No information about the judges’ decision or deliberation process will be made public.

If a finalist cannot be contacted within 7 (seven) days from January 9th 2020 or he or she does not reply to the prize notification within 7 (seven) days, another participant will be selected by the jury as a finalist. If a winner cannot be contacted within reasonable time or he or she does not reply to the prize notification within 7 (seven) days, the prize will be forfeited and upon the sole discretion of the judges awarded to another entrant selected by the judges. If a finalist or winner cannot produce their Project by the Madrid Design Festival, another participant will be selected by the judges as a finalist or winner.

Prizes are not transferable and no alternative prizes or cash equivalent are available. Any Rado watches given as a prize shall be chosen at the discretion of Rado or The Swatch Group (España).

Publicity and reproduction of images

Participant is aware that by uploading his/her design to the Rado Star Prize website any third party may have access to the design and it could be used without Participant’s authorisation. Rado or The Swatch Group (España) cannot control such unlawful third party use and waives any such responsibility or damages.

By submitting their design, Participants confirm that they are the authors of such designs. In addition, Participants confirm that their design does not show any content that is otherwise unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory or vulgar, or which infringes any trademark, copyright, design or other right of any third party. Participants will hold Rado, The Swatch Group (España) and its officers, employees and affiliates harmless from and against any losses, claims, damages and costs resulting from any violation of these terms.

Participants whose entries do not comply with the above terms or which are rude, abusive or deemed otherwise unsuitable will be excluded from the competition.

The intellectual property rights of the design shall remain the property of the Participant. It is the responsibility of the Participants to protect the intellectual property of his/her design before entering the competition if deemed necessary. Once a design is submitted to Rado or The Swatch Group (España), it must be considered to be in the public domain. Rado or The Swatch Group (España)] will not be liable for infringement of any intellectual property of third parties once the designs are in the public domain.

By submitting their design, all Participants – including those not selected as finalists or winners – grant Rado or The Swatch Group (España) a royalty-free, perpetual and worldwide right to use their entry for marketing, advertising or public relations purposes, without granting Rado or The Swatch Group (España) any right to change or reproduce the design. This right of use will begin on the day the finalists are announced and Rado may have the right to use the Participant’s name, picture and biography. Irrespective of Rado’s or The Swatch Group (España) right to use, the prize money does not include remuneration for the use of the Participant’s intellectual property rights. The participant waives any moral right.

Upon payment of the contribution for the making of the prototype Rado or The Swatch Group (España)  shall be granted the exclusive, worldwide and royalty-free right to use for marketing, advertising or public relations purposes including the taking of still and motion pictures, and to exhibit the prototype in public for the duration until returning the prototype to Participant as mentioned herein. Any photographs and videos made on behalf of Rado [or The Swatch Group (España) shall be and remain the exclusive property of Rado.

Rado shall store the personal information that the Participant has provided to compete in Rado Star Prize, including first name, family name, country of residence and photographic image (“Personal Information”). Rado may publish Personal Information on Rado’s or The Swatch Group (España) websites, within magazines and/or press releases and Participants shall  co-operate with Rado or The Swatch Group (España)  in any publicity arising from the competition without being remunerated. Personal Information shall be stored till the end of the competition plus an additional ten years. Published information shall stay published. Rado may use a third party to process Personal Information. Rado or The Swatch Group (España) may send emails for purposes related to the competition, subject to the Participant’s right to refuse such emails at any time. Personal Information will be held and used by Rado or The Swatch Group (España) and its affiliates, suppliers and contractors, including Madrid Design Festival, in line with their Privacy Policies, to the extent necessary for carrying out and administering the Rado Star Prize Spain. All Personal Information shall be used or stored in accordance with the Rado Privacy Policy. A Participant having any objections to the use of their personal information shall contact Amparo.gomez-carrillo@es.swatchgroup.com 

Winners may, without any obligation, be asked to take part in or co-operate with publicity which may include the publication of their name and/or image. 


The Participant agrees to assume full responsibility for declaring and paying all social security contributions, direct and indirect taxes in connection with the Rado Star Price, namely on the contribution for the 3D prototype and the prices. Accordingly, Rado or The Swatch Group (España) shall not be responsible or liable for any such declarations, taxes or payments. The above mentioned contributions and prices are to be understood as lump-sum payments from Rado or The Swatch Group (España) and no further payments shall have to be made by Rado or The Swatch Group (España) unless otherwise agreed between the Parties.


Rado and The Swatch Group (España) reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Rado and The Swatch Group (España) reserves the right to modify, suspend, postpone, annul, or terminate the competition for whatever reason. If the Rado Star Prize is modified, suspended, postponed, annulled, or terminated, Participants will not be entitled to any compensation. 

Rado Star Prize Spain is organised by The Swatch Group (España) S.A.

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