Oliver David


Oliver David Krieg is an architecture and wood design researcher living in Vancouver, Canada. Building on almost ten years of experience in digital manufacturing of complex wood structures, Oliver founded as a platform to explore the dynamics of nature, material and machine.

Oliver’s project, ‘Aestus’, wowed the expert panel of judges with its fusion of sustainability and contemporary design under the theme of ‘Design Inspired by Nature’.

An architecture and wood design researcher, Oliver’s work seeks to find a new statement for contemporary wood design. His winning project is a collection of vases ‘carved’ from hundreds of layers of wood by digital fabrication.

His project merges art and engineering. The bespoke kinematics of a 7-axis industrial robot push the limits of 3D milling and celebrate wood’s sustainability, adaptability, its tactility and visual depth. A brushed stainless steel inset serves as a durable water repository and a wax finish provides natural protection to the wood. The collection’s design captures dynamic movement in the naturally differentiated wooden texture.





Annie Legault, the founder and creator of Amulette, received her BFA from the Fibres and Material Practices program at Concordia University.

Amulette, the french word meaning protection against darkness. Expressed through the light and warmth provided by handwoven domestic designs, Amulette allows you to feel safe, warm and enveloped, in the most comforting way.

The RAW lighting collection is also inspired by the Japanese “wabi-sabi”, “perfectly imperfect” philosophy. Made entirely of natural materials the collection is thoughtful celebration of the imprint nature has on the world of design. Ancestral textile techniques are a signature of the handcrafted series of gigantic sculptural lamps, ranging from 6’ to 10’ in height.

Influenced by the 1960s and ‘70s, every piece for the Amulette collection is handmade by Annie. Jute, merino and alpaca wool are just some of the natural fibres that are used throughout Amulette’s collection. Hues range from the natural soft earth tones of ice and stone to a more woodsy palette of rustic greys and browns.

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