The RAW lighting collection is inspired by the Japanese ‘wabi-sabi‘, ‘perfectly imperfect’ philosophy. Made entirely of natural materials the collection is a thoughtful celebration of the imprint nature has on the world of design.


Oliver David

AESTUS is a series of four stratified beech wood vases which explores a new synthesis between natural materials and modern technology. Merging art and engineering, each vase is carved from hundreds of layers of wood by digital fabrication.



The salt shaker design is a creative commentary on the devastation that plastic pollution wreaks on the earth’s oceans. Its shape mimics an oil rig (where plastics originate) and is made with a mix of concrete and shredded multi-coloured plastic.



The Pirogue Windsor-inspired stool is made from urban salvaged elm, ash, and walnut - a win-win both environmentally and economically. Created with sustainable resources it’s a highly functional generational object that reflects an enduring quality.

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