Congratulations to Jean-Baptiste Durand, who won the RADO STAR PRIZE Prix du Jury 2018 with his project "LAMPE BRUME"! Here, the light is revealed, diffused by a paradoxically impalpable reflector: From the mist. At the bottom of the glass "vase", a misting system transforms water into steam. Then, each particle of water captures and skilfully diffuses the light emitted by the spotlight. Borosilicate glass, PLA 3D printed and lacquered, LED, misting system. "The poetic and innovative approach of the winner will have immediately seduced the whole jury," Big Game, President of the jury 2018.


Public winner 2018


The MOON light objects embody the idea of the phase of the moon. The concept lies in the fact that depending on how to reinstall the illuminating part of the lamp, the effect and lighting in the room will radically change. From direct light to diffused - refracted from copper surface.

Dimensions of the lamp (1 pc.) 40 by 20 cm, although they may be larger. There are various variations with combinations and sizes, the floor lamps are suspended, etc.