KNGB Création

FARO is a projector than can be adjusted side to side or up and down, can be transported easily thanks to its leather strap and the brightness of which can be adjusted with a dimmer button at the back of the projector. It is primarily made from woollen flannel, white felt, turned solid wood, and leather.


Manon Gerard

The concept behind the ORIGAMI LAMP is to use origami to create objects, giving them character and a new design. Here, Manon Gerard worked with the wood and employed a folding and cutting technique while incorporating special tissue paper. It is a ‘French artisanal product’.


SCMP Design Office

RUNWAY is a light that pays homage to the origins of industrial design. Made up of four heads, this pendant light is inspired by the lights found on airport runways while repurposing an old chandelier. Fitted with slip rings, each head can be adjusted in order to direct the light wherever you like.


Thibault Penven

AIR FORCE is a compromise between rigid sections for maximum security and flexible sections playing the role of hinges, making it easy to fold up and store this oversized suitcase.


Natalia Baudoin

IMPRINTED MEMORIES is a collection of everyday objects that reappropriates an ancient indigenous technique called imprinted ceramic, which consists of using woven caranday palm wickerwork as a mould for making pottery.


César Dumont

"T A N C A R V I L L E" is a furniture collection inspired by the ornamentation techniques within woodworking, graphic design and haute couture.


Xiaoye Zhang

NUEE is an acoustic light concept intended for use in workstations in open-plan office space. Used in this way, the lights would help diminish noise disturbance and provide naturalness in the office by recreating the movement of a flock of birds.


Dimitry Hlinka

SILHOUETTE is a range of lightweight and versatile sideboards with refined, airy lines that reveal the piece in the space that it occupies.


Maxime Jouet

OMAILLET est un banc composé d’un plateau constitué en deux parties assemblées par deux traverses dans lesquelles les pieds viennent s’enfoncer à fleur du plateau et se bloquer à l’aide de clavettes enfoncées en force.