Rado Star Prize Austria

The Rado Star Prize Austria invites talented designers to implement the brand’s credo, which is to turn ideas into reality. The stage for this competition is the Rado Store in Vienna's Kärntner Straße 18. With this award, Rado supports aspiring young designers from a wide range of design disciplines and offers them a platform for their creative talents.


Swiss watchmaker Rado is pleased to announce a competition for design talents: the Rado Star Prize Austria 2017. Starting in January 2017, the window of Rado’s Viennese boutique will feature a different design installation every month. The Rado Star Prize is a global design competition that promotes innovative design, with editions running in several different countries every year. The innovative winner of the Rado Star Prize 2017 will be announced in October 2017.


Illustrator and fashion designer Onka Allmayer-Beck once again demonstrates how diversely the theme of time can be interpreted in her ‘Zodiac’ project. Her project: A structure made from handpainted ceramic tiles that is open at the front, illustrating time both fragmented and in its entirety, and addressing the slowing of time. The artist hopes that her installation will force viewers to pause.

Zero Gravity

Floating in timelessness and weightlessness. In the sixth installation of the Rado Star Prize Austria 2017, everything once again revolves around time. With her work ‘Zero Gravity’, architect and designer Petra Stelzmüller aims to capture the moment when time is standing still and presented as vividly as possible. Her inspiration: a snapshot of a water droplet turning into a sphere in freefall. ‘Zero Gravity’ can be seen at the Rado boutique in Vienna until the end of the month.

Time Warp

Making time experienceable. This is the goal of Austrian fashion designer Flora Miranda, whose work deals with the investigation of immaterial bodies. Her idea for the Rado Star Prize Austria is the “Time Warp” dress, a volatile, moulded body that seems to dissolve into particles and break our rigid concept of time. Until the end of May 2017, the Rado showcase in Vienna will be home to this swirling pixel storm of reflective elements, which offers a real wow-factor.


"Point of View" is the fourth installation in the Rado Star Prize Austria design contest, in which the work of one of the eight finalists will be presented each month in the shop window of the Rado Boutique in Vienna. The project by designers Barbara Gollackner and Michael Walder from the Undpartner design studio shows how thoughts can be arranged and take shape when viewed from the right angle. A tangle of lines with colourful sections, Mikado-esque, form the word "reality" when seen from the correct perspective.



The Vanitas Machine is a representation of transience. “Sometimes it appears to stand still, sometimes to run away. It constantly ticks and gnaws away with its cog. It is not for sale and yet at the end there is a price to pay. “Time is not on my side” is the idea behind the title of this project, which is all about the time factor. The designers Thomas Waidhofer and Nicholas Wormus have developed an installation made up of two interrelated components.

«Dream Space Time»

This is the message of the installation «Dream Space Time». The space-time continuum designates the fusion of space and time in a unified four-dimensional structure. The installation is an attempt to “dream” analog time in disaggregated shapes by bursting apart its materiality. Artist-designer duo Emanuel Gollob and Johanna Riedl have been collaborating on interdisciplinary projects since 2012. Their creations reflect their fascination with contemporary societal phenomena and the technical innovations associated with them.

“Like Clockwork”

Time is fleeting, time slips away. This is the message behind “Like Clockwork” from the Practice + Theory design studio. In this installation, colour pigments mark off the seconds, minutes and hours on a piece of handmade paper. "Here, time is displayed in an analogue way,” says designer Andreas Pohancenik, providing an artistic explanation of his work.