The Winner of Rado Star Prize Spain 2020

Lázaro Blanco

“Paisaje” is conceived as a fantasy, a piece based on a fictional natural space. The creation is shaped as a Turkish-knot carpet in multiple colours and materials. Though it has been handcrafted, it shares features of mass-produced textiles, and as such it can be imagined as a part of a bigger modular system, which could be iteratively reproduced to form a larger pre-conceived carpet or artwork.
“Paisaje” has been created using thousands of knots of different materials such as cotton, wool and acrylics. These materials are recycled, and some of them have been coloured using natural dyes as onion skin.
All the elements merge in order to create a haven of peace and calmness, a shelter far from the anxiety and uncertainty generated by the upcoming arrival of a hostile and fast-changing future. Such dynamics are shaped with cold textures and colours like raw concrete, metal or plastic.
Despite the fleeting nature of the present, “Paisaje” seeks to anchor in the flow of time and persist as a beacon to remind the past and help to build a more human and warm future.
Measure: 61x50 cm
Materials: wool, cotton and acrylic.
Time: 150 hours.


Public’s Choice Award

González Rodríguez

Sestrelo, is a low table that can also works as a seat.
The idea of ​​"Sestrelo" comes from the original word “setestrelo”, which in the Galician culture, is the name of the constellation of the "Great Bear ", with its seven well marked stars. Unlike this, in our work we play in every moment with six-pointed stars, which makes a play on words to obtain "sestrelo". Just as the stars are drawn in the sky over the infinite black, our work sits on a dark background that covers the legs.
The piece consists of four triangular legs, which provides stability and strongness with a rectangular table according to legs.
The marquetry part is created from a modular element, the rhombus, that builds the six-pointed star pattern that gives the furniture its name.
Made with three different woods, which provide different colours, more yellowish Koto, reddish Sapelli and a lighter one for the Haya. All the work is handmade; the creation of the marquetry, piece by piece, pasting, sanding and ending is made manually, the same as the structure and the rest of the work. In this piece, the wood worker tradition of an ancient and artisan trade is combined, such as the creation of the marquetry adapting it to a simple and timeless structure of actual shapes, everything with a background of Galician culture.
With this style of furniture, we have managed to transmit old techniques that are gradually being lost, towards a modern style, giving a future to this kind of traditional crafts.

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