The Resurface Table


Norwegian Trash is a design studio focusing on recycling and repurposing Norwegian waste. They wish to remove marine plastic waste from nature by repurposing the material into beautiful objects, using a blockchain system to trace the material and make the new owner responsible for the future recycling.

Norway is now one of the world's largest polluters of fishing gear in the ocean. Fish crates, fishing nets, piping and fences, all made from plastic, pose a serious threat for all life at sea and land when going astray. Today there is no demand for this material in the market. As a result, this often black plastic commonly ends up as residue and is burned. We need to make a new system for the black marine waste, and we need to show its great potential and inspire to increase the demand for the material.

The Resurface collection is a series of furniture made from 100% traceable marine waste from the Norwegian fishing industry, repurposed into furniture. The marine waste is collected by Containerservice Otterøy in the coastline of Northern Norway and delivered to NOPREC, a Norwegain company specializing in recycling marine waste into granules. The granules are delivered to The Good Plastic Company where they make sheets. The sheets are CNC-milled and assembled into furniture at Cutfab in the Oslo area. Every step in the plastic value chain is recorded and visible in the blockchain technology with the help of our partners, Empower Plastic. This is a radical change in documenting each step. It holds the owner of the table responsible for recycling the material in the future.

Our choice to avoid straight lines and rely on the flow of the curves is a reference and tribute to the long Norwegian coastline and how the oceans have shaped our landscape through time.

Website: norwegiantrash.no

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