Martin Bolin Møller and Vebjørn Kvammen Beinnes

The furniture consumption amongst Norwegians has quadrupled during the last three decades. To counter this throwaway mentality, new furniture should be designed with focus on longer lifespan. We believe there is a huge untapped sustainability-potential in ready-to-assemble furniture. Such furniture is often associated with reduced quality, burdensome assembly and short lifespan, but it does not have to be that way.

Modus is a series of modular ready-to-assemble furniture, challenging today´s market by changing how these kinds of furniture are perceived, used and taken care of. Through aesthetic-, material- and functional quality, Modus is a sustainable and different series of furniture. It consists of a load-bearing structure in four various lengths, and attachable surfaces in different shapes, colours and materials, encouraging playful use. The surfaces are fastened to the underlying structure with two hex socket countersunk screws, and can be oriented in several different ways. Sustainable and durable materials are being used, such as solid birch, Valchromat and Larvikitt, which contribute to aesthetic- and functional interplay. The modular system allows a wide range of combinations, encouraging personalization based on desired use and aesthetic preferences. The furniture can be customized in keeping with the owner’s needs, and thus retain its relevance over time.

We do not want to place Modus in a predefined category, but it lives somewhere in the intersection between seating furniture and table. In other words, it is the owner's choice to define what kind of furniture Modus can be, based on the chosen shapes, materials and colours, and how they are assembled. By being directly involved in shaping and assembling, the emotional connection to the furniture is increased. This is crucial for the owner's motivation to preserve the furniture for as long as possible. With its aesthetic-, material- and functional qualities, Modus facilitates a flexible and long lifespan.

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