En håndverkserie

Frida Owren Claussen and Jacob Bierman Jørgensen

“En håndverkserie” sheds light on the diversity of endangered craft techniques in Norway by showing the value of these traditions in the context of new design. The techniques and fields we have chosen to emphasize are duodji, intarsia and brazier works. We believe these techniques have great potential for both the present and future furniture design.

We have designed and built three side tables in birch where each table represents one craft technique. To achieve this, we collaborated with restaurateur Rasmus Skrydstrup, duojár Unni Fjellheim and foundry workers Kurt Sandaunet and Arne Nordmark.

The techniques and fields are based on action-based knowledge, knowledge passed on from generation to generation through action and experience. Intarsia, duodji and brazier works are therefore not only a material cultural heritage but also an intangible cultural heritage developed over centuries. The society we live in is constantly changing, and we believe it is important that this knowledge isn’t lost. Brazier work and duodji are listed as subjects worthy of protection in 2021 according to the Norwegian Crafts Institute. Intarsia is an increasingly rare technique in Norway. Through this project, we show how the old techniques can also add something new to Norwegian design.

For Unni Fjellheim, who works with duodji (Sami traditional craft), she is passionate about maintaining her knowledge about duodji and passes on the philosophy and values that follows this tradition.

Intarsia is about decorating surfaces with wood veneer, and a practitioner of the craft is called a decoupage. Rasmus Skrydstrup is a restaurateur from Nidarosdomen's workshops. He has extensive experience in woodworking, including intarsia.

A brazier designs, molds and processes objects in mainly brass and bronze. We collaborate with two experienced founders, Kurt Sandaunet and Arne Nordmark from SINTEF.

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