ARVE - fremtidens arvegods (Arve translates to inherit)

Marianne Dale, Rita Holm Nilsen and Thomas Rokstad

ARVE is a modular storage system designed to make life easier when living in smaller apartments. The inspiration comes from the struggle that particularly western countries have in connection to living in a sustainable way. This and the fact that rising real estate prices forces people to either move out of central areas, or accept less living space, forms the background and advocates the need for this product. The system is constructed using three layered birchwood. This material has the stability of plywood, while at the same time embodying the aesthetic and mechanical robustness of solid wood.
Arve is made to have a long technical lifetime. At the same time we hope that the functionality and the forthsightednes of the product will keep it relevant also when inherited in the future.
The system consists of four different modules the user can combine to make a system of their choosing. Arve is designed in order to make it possible to up or downsize the system as the users' needs change. This could for instance be when having kids or by retirement. The system is mounted on a patented base which can easily be lifted/lowered and moved around the space. The mobility, the fact that the system can be used from both sides and because its split midway makes it suitable as a room divider. In this way the user can move the system around their floor space in order to make more space when needed. For example when having guests one might need more space by the dining area, and afterwards you move the system to make more space in the living area. We firmly believe that this solution will make it easier to live comfortably in smaller spaces, and that Arve will contribute to both social and ecological sustainability.

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