En håndverkserie

Frida Owren Claussen and Jacob Bierman Jørgensen

“En håndverkserie” sheds light on the diversity of endangered craft techniques in Norway by showing the value of these traditions in the context of new design. The techniques and fields we have chosen to emphasize are duodji, intarsia and brazier works.



"Flett" is a chair of lathed maple with a braided back and seat. The frame is connected with glued wooden plugs. The chair is designed as a frame that allows you to experiment with braiding techniques and expressions.


Jonathan Santos & Kevin Kurang

The intention of this project is to challenge the most common forms of communication that we humans use today, whether it is verbal, through body language, trough internet or other.


Martin Bolin Møller and Vebjørn Kvammen Beinnes

The furniture consumption amongst Norwegians has quadrupled during the last three decades. To counter this throwaway mentality, new furniture should be designed with focus on longer lifespan. We believe there is a huge untapped sustainability-potential in ready-to-assemble furniture.

The donut shelf


In the industry, most designers work with established manufacturers as this is the natural way into the field if you want to succeed as a furniture designer.

The Resurface Table


Norwegian Trash is a design studio focusing on recycling and repurposing Norwegian waste.

The sound of loneliness


“It is in the dialogue with pain that many beautiful things acquire their value. Acquaintance with grief turns out to be one of the more unusual prerequisites of architectural appreciation. “- Alan de Botton *

JUDGES’ AND PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER 2021 Liquid Gold : A speculative future on human’s milk

Tzi Li

When I became a new mother, I was told to cover myself while I feed my child in public. It is a natural thing for me but not accepted for another. I question why? Breastmilk is seldom discussed and seen as a taboo topic.

ARVE - fremtidens arvegods (Arve translates to inherit)

Marianne Dale, Rita Holm Nilsen and Thomas Rokstad

ARVE is a modular storage system designed to make life easier when living in smaller apartments. The inspiration comes from the struggle that particularly western countries have in connection to living in a sustainable way.

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