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The Rado Star Prize Italia 2018 is a competition organised by The Swatch Group (Italia) S.p.A., Rado Brand (hereinafter referred to as RADO) and Istituto Marangoni Srl (hereinafter referred to as Istituto Marangoni), for the students of the Istituto Marangoni school in the Interior Design, Industrial Design, Visual Design, Fashion Design and Accessories Design courses, encouraging them to develop a project aimed at making the students work across the board on a product embracing RADO's philosophy.

The Rado Star Prize has the aim of supporting the work of young up-and-coming designers, offering them a platform on which to show their works to experts in their fields and to the public. The Jury consists of designers, academics and representatives of commercial and industrial firms and of the media. The competition, held during important design events, has the aim of giving visibility to the work of young talents.

The five best projects (one for each department, as indicated below), will be used by RADO and Istituto Marangoni to create a “pop-up store” to be exhibited at the Salone del Mobile in the Superstudio area at n° 27 of Via Tortona in Milan. The prize awarded to the designer of the best individual project is a token of recognition of their personal merit.


Stage 1: from 18th October 2017, with initial briefing of the students, to 13th November 2017, with selection within 18th November 2017

Stage 2: from 19th November 2017 to 13th February 2018, with selection within 15th February 2018.


Students of the Istituto Marangoni school of Milan, of the following departments: Interior Design (all classes), Industrial Design (all classes), Visual Design (all classes), Fashion Design (2nd year students only) and Accessories Design (2nd to 3rd year students and those attending the Master Accessories course only) (hereinafter referred to as the “Entrant(s)”).


The Entrants will have to work on a project bearing the title “Natural Freedom”, to be developed in sub-categories, so as to explain better the themes of the competition. The common aim of all the categories will be the overall design of a pop-up store in line with the RADO brand, in which the features of the 5 departments listed below are highlighted.

Stage 1

To take part in the competition, once they have chosen the sub-category from among those indicated below, the students of each department will have to submit within 5.30 p.m. of 13th November 2017 an individual project, presenting 3 A3 format drawings.

INTERIOR DESIGN - sub-categories

1. Concept (in A3 format)
2. Inspiration (in A3 format)
3. Preliminary Drawings (in A3 format)

PRODUCT DESIGN - sub-categories

1. Research (in A3 format)
2. Interpretation (in A3 format)
3. Concept (in A3 format)

- for the Master Jewellery class:

1. Inspiration (in A3 format)
2. Moodboard (in A3 format)
3. Concept (in A3 format)

VISUAL DESIGN - sub-categories

1. Description of the project (in A4 format)
2. Moodboard (in A3 format)
3. Concept (in A3 format)

FASHION DESIGN - sub-categories


ACCESSORIES DESIGN - sub-categories

1. 1 Inspiration board (in A3 format) with images relating to the chosen theme.
1. 2 Chart (in A3 format) with 1 bag and 1 shoe with relevant renderings and technical info.
1. 3 Chart (in A3 format) on materials and colours.

At the end of Stage 1, an internal jury of the Istituto Marangoni school of Milan, consisting of the Director of Education Paolo Meroni, the programme leaders Antonio Patruno for the Fashion Design area, Davide Petraroli for Accessories Design, the well-known designer and Chairman of the July of the Rado Star Prize award Giulio Cappellini and the programme leaders Marcella Bricchi, Sergio Nava and Stefano Caggiano for the Interior, Product and Visual Design areas, will select the best five individual projects from each department. RADO and the Istituto Marangoni school reserve the right to replace a member of the jury in the event of illness or unavailability.

Stage 2

The 25 projects chosen will be called upon to take part in a spinning date, during which they will be able to be compared with the other areas and find the design affinities in the single sub-categories.

The Entrants may thus work individually or in groups of 5 people (each of which, however, belonging to a different department). In this latter case, each entrant belonging to a group will take care of their own individual project, so as to integrate it with the other individual projects of the group.

On 15th February 2018 the jury of the Rado Star Prize, chaired by Giulio Cappellini and consisting of Hakim El Kadiri, Head of Rado Product Development since 2011, Massimo Zanatta, Director of the Istituto Marangoni School of Design, Livia Peraldo Matton, Editor in chief of Elle Decor Italia, and Matteo Cibic, Creative Designer, will select the 5 best individual projects (one for each department), that together will form the overall design of a “pop-up store” and, among these, the best individual project of all, the designer of which will win the prize indicated below.

RADO and the Istituto Marangoni school reserve the right to replace a member of the jury in the event of illness or unavailability.

The five individual projects selected will be produced by RADO to create a “pop-up store” to be exhibited at the Salone del Mobile in the Superstudio area at n° 27 of Via Tortona in Milan.

The best individual project of all will be announced at an exhibition open to the public held during the Design Week in the Superstudio area at n° 27 of Via Tortona in Milan, scheduled from 16th to 22nd April 2018.


Prize for the designer of the nest individual project of all:

  • A cash prize of € 5,000.-
  • A presentation of the work on the web site of Rado Watch Co. Ltd. (www.rado.com) and via Rado Watch Co. Ltd.’s social media
  • A watch to be chosen by RADO, the market value of which will be at the sole discretion of RADO (the watch will not be redeemable in cash and may not be changed)

The prize is not transferrable and alternative prizes or the equivalent in cash of the products/services are not available.

Advertising and reproduction of images /information about entering the competition

Each entrant is aware that in connection with the projects presented at the time of the competition for the Rado Star Prize 2018 they waive any right to ask Rado and/or Istituto Marangoni for remuneration for use, if any, by the latter of the Projects.

In presenting their projects, the entrants – including those not selected as finalists or winners – transfer to RADO and Istituto Marangoni, free of charge, the copyright (except for the moral rights) and the rights to economic exploitation, none excluded, and the industrial property rights, referred to the Projects implemented for entering the competition, anywhere and by any technical means, worldwide and for the longest period envisaged by the applicable regulations referring to matters of copyright and industrial property. Said rights are understood to be transferred on a definitive basis starting from the time of presentation of each project by the entrant. To this end, the entrants guarantee that the Projects do not breach in any way rights of third parties and they therefore hold RADO and Istituto Marangoni harmless from and against any claims made or action taken by third parties in respect of RADO and/or Istituto Marangoni.

RADO and Istituto Marangoni reserve the right to publish the names, surnames and places of residence and/if available, photographs, of the winners and, if required, of all the entrants on the dedicated web site, on the social channels owned by RADO and/or other Companies of the Swatch Group and/or by Istituto Marangoni, as well as in magazines and/or in press releases.

The Rado Star Prize Italia 2018 is organised by The Swatch Group (Italia) S.p.A., a single shareholder company with its registered address at n° 70 of Via Washington, 20146 Milan, VAT number 08604100159, taxpayer ID number and entry number in the Companies’ Register 00866650013, fully paid-up company capital €23,00,000.00, entry in the Milan Chamber of Commerce and Economic and Administrative Directory under n° 1233420 – Reg. M.P. 1933 – Milan, and ISTITUTO MARANGONI S.R.L. limited liability company with a single shareholder, registered address at n° 4 of Via Pietro Verri, 20121 Milan, VAT number and taxpayer ID number 09447270159.

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