Fantasy Land


Nowadays having time for themselves is considered a luxury. Human is always more in search of his freedom of expression and movement, to give voice to his instincts. The achievement of peace of mind can take place in a fantasy world.

Air Window


“Air Window” is designed for the detection of the invisible pollution of the air. This is a device made out of the transparent glass with a cloud inside which represent the level of pollution in the air.



Today, we rely on technology to do and solve almost everything. We imprisoned our galaxies and stars on smart phone screens forgetting the true colors of seasons and oceans. We translated our discoveries on this planet in any possible language, yet we forgot one main language:
that of our beloved nature.

Urban Nature


In the modern society, being natural seems so hard to be realized. However, I suggest a way to co-exist with a mood called 'Urban Nature': Being modern and chic, at the same time classic with natural lines and natural-oriented mood.



As the most beautiful creator of arts, time endows each piece of natural material with the nature of development. Whatever technolgy develops,the definition of  beauty will eventually be reverted to natural patterns. Try to discover and interpret this language from the ocean.

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