Onka Allmayer-Beck

Illustrator and fashion designer Onka Allmayer-Beck once again demonstrates how diversely the theme of time can be interpreted in her ‘Zodiac’ project. Her project: A structure made from handpainted ceramic tiles that is open at the front, illustrating time both fragmented and in its entirety, and addressing the slowing of time. The artist hopes that her installation will force viewers to pause.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka

Zero Gravity


Floating in timelessness and weightlessness. In the sixth installation of the Rado Star Prize Austria 2017, everything once again revolves around time. With her work ‘Zero Gravity’, architect and designer Petra Stelzmüller aims to capture the moment when time is standing still and presented as vividly as possible. Her inspiration: a snapshot of a water droplet turning into a sphere in freefall. ‘Zero Gravity’ can be seen at the Rado boutique in Vienna until the end of the month.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka

Point of View


"Point of View" is about a moving perspective, flexible thoughts and the art of looking at an idea from the right angle and making it a reality. "The daily struggle for the best design and the filtering of one's own thoughts was the original idea for our installation.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka

Vanitas Machine


Thomas Waidhofer and Nicholas Wormus are a pair of artists and designers, who are using the display window of the Rado boutique in Vienna to showcase a modern interpretation of the Vanitas still life.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka

«Dream Space Time»

Emanuel Gollob
& Johanna Riedl

The project by designer duo Emanuel Gollob & Johanna Riedl is named «(T)Raum und Zeit» (Dream Space Time) – by fracturing its materiality, analog time is translated into a new, abstract form.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka

“Like Clockwork”

Practice + Theory

Once again the time has come for unlimited ideas and innovative designs! The next round of the Rado Star Prize Austria design competition runs from January to August 2017, with a presentation of creative installations from select designers in the shop window of the Rado store in Vienna.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka

Winner 2015


“Time is running out like sand.” This fine crystalline material blown in the wind, deposited in sediment layers in different locations, forms a new topography," said Louisa Köber about her work. The "SandScape" project documents the process of creating a sand scenery.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka

Louisa Köber gewinnt mit „Sandscape“ den Rado Star Prize Austria 2015


Die Installation „Sandscape“ dokumentierte den Entstehungsprozess einer Sandlandschaft während des Zeitraums der Ausstellung. Ähnlich den Sanduhren, waren nach unten geöffnete Glaszylinder nebeneinander installiert, aus denen in unterschiedlicher Geschwindigkeit und Menge Sand herausrieselte. Das Ergebnis war irreversibel, einmalig und vergänglich.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka



Die Schaufensterinstallation „Pulse“ besteht aus einem gefrästen Marmorblock mit vertikal angeordneten Schlitzen an der Außenfläche. «Das Objekt steht für Beständigkeit und Unendlichkeit – es wird der Weg von der Unendlichkeit zu der vom Menschen definierten Zeit visualisiert», so Rainer Mutsch zu seiner Installation.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka



Nehmen Sie sich Zeit für die siebente Rado Star Prize Austria-Installation! Das Objekt «My time» vom österreichischen Designerinnenduo Lucy.D zeigt im Schaufenster der Rado Boutique in Wien eine mittels Roboter gefräste Holzscheibe mit einer wellenförmigen Struktur, die durch Drehung um die eigene Achse dynamische Bilder entwickelt und auf unser subjektives Zeitempfinden anspielt.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka
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