GlowHerbs is a light planter for herbs to use at home. It contains acrylic sheets and UV LED light that projects from the bottom. The idea emerged from previous projects I worked on under the mentorship of Sabin Marcelis, ”Light Catchers”, where I used acrylic to pass sunlight through the logs.

Pinched Ottoman


With a main focus of a creating three-dimensional structure from a single twodimensional plane, a large piece of leather is pinched and folded, held in place with simple yet elegant brass bolts.

The Mantis


The Mantis is a wall-mounted, full-spectrum LED light fixture designed to display and grow collector plant specimens. High lumens enable a plant, that would ordinarily need to be close to the sun, to grow and flower. A dimmer fine-tunes the intensity for the desired plan and light output.

Lux Naturalis


Lux Naturalist is a design that not only brings functionality, but also good design with sustainable thought into life. The design brings light to a space, but this light also feeds a living plant than can be detached from the base to be more closely interacted with for everyday living.

Le Vase

Do Yoon

Le Vase is a vegetable leather wall vase that can withhold dry flowers inside and creates a warm mood to the environment. It is designed with the idea that leather could be formed and hardened into a mold.



The design is inspired by the materiality of stone- the intrinsic feeling of deep connectivity of a substance that has been an indelible part of human history. This conceptual project depicts a series of stone furniture that allows the user to step vertically through space.

Felted Concrete


In this design ethereal wool meets solid concrete, a mixture of materials that is juxtaposing, yet complimentary. Wet concrete is poured and instantly begins to heat, creating a cloud of warm air rising from the mold.

Linha Planter Stand


The LINHA planter stand was designed from top to bottom. The top of the piece is a pair of flexible rods meant to be curved as desired by the user on a shape to support the growth of climbing plans, like ivies and orchids.

Morpho Helmet


The Morpho helmet is a bike helmet that emulates the intense blue of the Morpho butterfly, which gets its color not from any exterior pigment, but from the way light reflects off the microscopic scales on its wings.

Snug Stone


The snug stone, inspired by Frederick Law Olmstead’s vision of Central Park as an endless painting, is partially upholstered with garden gate springs, producing a comfortable and uniquely delightful seat shifting motion.