Winner of the Prix Du Jury 2017


The aim of this project is to diminish our wood consumption and celebrate this noble material by designing a robust, long lasting chair with an efficient and simple process. "0.6 Chair" is a dinning chair and café chair with a new process of laminated wood. A sandwich of wood veneer and carbon fibre fabric highly reinforces the whole structure and brings down the thickness of this chair to only 0.6cm. Structural curves and angles in the design help this chair to get incredibly strong and require only 3 to 5 wooden veneers (depending of the thickness of the veneer chosen) with a weight under 2kg. Time is fundamental in this project as carbon fibre do not oxidize and as the wood veneer on the top could easily being replaced or put a layer on top. The manufacture time and the whole process of the chair is simplified, using the mould in two parts. Emotional design has also an impact on long lasting products. This is why the warmed of the wood and the illusion that this chair creates by its thinness is designed to fascinate and create a longer relationship with the user.


Winner of the Prix Du Public 2017


The Moravian Collection takes direct inspiration from a stool designed in the 15th century by the Moravian Church movement. Traces of its key features can be found right through to the mid-20th century. In these years, furniture was an investment and purchased to last a lifetime or longer. We now live in a throwaway society, it is very rare that products are purchased with the expectation of remaining in use for generations. Value is quickly lost due to poor quality materials or manufacturing, which limits the aesthetic value over time and inhibits emotional attachment. This consumption is unsustainable and we must design objects that consumers will cherish for a lifetime.

People are inclined to keep objects for three fundamental reasons; functional, economic and emotional longevity. The collection includes the original Moravian feature of sliding dovetail rails which, utilising the natural movement of wood, creates a strong joint that will tighten over time, extending functional life. The inherent strength reduces the amount of material required for structural support, whilst also being perfectly viable from a large-scale manufacture perspective The Ash and Walnut used will hold value far better than veneered furniture. On top of this, the consumer will be able to restore these items to prime condition by simply refinishing. Guidelines for this are etched onto the underside of each piece. The act of refinishing will itself enhance the emotional attachment felt by the consumer towards this range as it requires the investment of time and effort. If these requirements are met, the range will age gracefully along with its owner. This collection contributes to a timeline of design by expanding the scope of the Moravians’ methods into a range of products for the 21st century. Taking inspiration from a historically robust design, the Moravian Collection brings quality and longevity back into the market, refreshing a design that has stood the test of time.