bing Xun

There are three goddesses in the ancient Greek mythology who represent all the goodness in life. They are empowered with beauty, charm and human creativity, showing an elegance that sees the whole world as a game.



The core design of Pu-Hua is from the simple, pure and honest dot line plane concept. Starting from the dot, making connection axes with lines and planes, the resulting connection gives birth to the Pu-Hua new style.



P-Ruler is a measurement tool designed for construction and curation planning. It uses simple optical projection principles to project rulers onto walls, floors or targets, allowing users to obtain data instantly. They have clear and easy-to-read scales and unit switch ability.

TamiTami - automatic home furniture


More and more people live in cities and living spaces are tight. TamiTami is a tatami mat that is capable of changing to the shape you desire and memorizing the time pattern for your regular use. It provides you more space and it’s smart.



It is a painting and a flower Themed on a vase, a flower’s dress, this design explores the visual transformation through dimensional space, where the flowers are no longer hidden in the vase. There is no excessive decoration, and complex environments are changed back to an original simplicity and plainness.



Furniture should provide as much flexibility as the changes in lifestyle and demography we experience in society. A sofa is an important part of our living space, not just for resting but also for family interactions.

Hidden Hook


Design concept: due to the high density of residential buildings in Taiwan, people usually install iron or aluminium doors and windows on their home balcony or windows and have a habit of locking them all together with the small emergency exit.

Ink Time


"INK TIME" is a designer lamp that even reflects time changes with a tangible ink spread: ink drops every 15 minutes, spreading and dissipating into colourlessness. When the ink is accumulated to a certain concentration, the water in the lamp base will gradually darken, just like the gradual light of day.

Rebrith-an improved nasogastric tube


Nasogastric tubes are a medical instrument that many patients need but they often fall off. In Taiwan, because patients are not active in recovering excises, and because family members are often very busy, nasogastric tubes are often carried for entire lifetimes.