Winner 2018


Nature, time, life and everything around us follow different rhythms. We all perceive the world through our senses and we transmit our feelings. At the same moment there a lot of precious and invisible things around us that we ignore. When the invisible becomes tangible, invisible turns into visible. In this way through our senses we can evaluate what is invisible. Like time also air is invisible to our eyes but if we were able to see the air that we breathe, we could awake our conscience and get our sensitivity back which will allow us to understand the value of air.

“Air Window” is designed for the detection of the invisible pollution of the air. This is a device made out of the transparent glass with a cloud inside which represent the level of pollution in the air. The glass unit is connected to the air detector and the cloud inside of it changes color based on the quality of the air detected at that moment. When the index of pollution is higher, the cloud becomes red, when the quality is better, the cloud gradually goes back to its natural color. In an intuitive way, it allows people to see the changing in the quality of the air through the changing of the color of the cloud. It helps people to evaluate and understand the quality of the air that we breathe.