The Giant’s Causeway is an inspiring place of stunning natural beauty, grandeur and mystique. Interlocking hexagonal columns of ancient black basalt rise out of the ocean forming a majestic stepped pathway to the land.

During a trip to Northern Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway resonated deeply with me. The place was breathtaking and filled me with a sense of awe. The multifaceted levels, the undulating forms and the natural but orderly rhythm of the hexagons made me want to capture the essence and spirit of the Causeway’s unique landscape within a piece of furniture.

GC18 is a coffee table that responds to the key aesthetic elements that make up the natural beauty of the Giant’s Causeway. 400 Hexagonal columns cast in Jesmonite replicate the basic characteristics of the basalt steps. A regulated pattern with equal spacing emphasises the individual character of each hexagon yet combines the forms into a single entity. The varying heights of the columns and overall organic shape mimic the natural flow of the terrain.

The table is a fusion of sculptural elements and functional design. It aims to connect people with nature, translating the emotions of the area, and evoking its innate serenity. GC18 is a tactile and intriguing table which is thought-provoking and inspires mindfulness – encouraging us to relax, slow down and take time off to enjoy the calm of the present moment.


Public winner 2018


There is a small city in Sicily that rises on a calcareous land. Clean, drinkable water flows from a mountain very rich in minerals, into the city’s hydraulic system. In the pipes, rocks magically grow like stalactites and stalagmites. The minerals particles diluted in water accumulate onto the pipes’ surface creating incredible structures. In Calatafimi everything happens slowly. The bread dough takes one day to rise, the olives for the new olive oil ripen in one year, to repair a puddle in the main street takes even more. Limescale crystals take years to grow in their rocky shapes, they generate unique water sculptures hidden underground in a maze of pipes. The limescale project addresses the issue of limescale accumulation and turns it from a problem to solve into a chance to take! It aims to shape a future where products would not be associated with mass production and industrialisation as we know it: fast and alienating. I developed a scenario in which pipe-moulds could be installed in the pipeline so to allow self-built structures to grow underground. In fact, given to the pipe a specific configuration the limescale acquires the tube’s shape. By embracing this natural phenomenon, products can be grown and harvested like crops with a specifically designed shape. The products that I present are visions and explorations for possible future designs totally cultivated in the hydraulic system. I extracted limescale sediments from the Sicilian pipes and celebrate this local naturally grown material and its aesthetics through a collection of products. This project is about new production methods, rethink industrialisation, shorten the distance between production process and final users. It’s a chance to reconnect with Nature, accept its timing, embrace its processes and interact with those by creating a synergetic and productive coexistence. Imagine if we could cultivate tables and chairs in the pipes and then extract them like diamonds?

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