Kera is a modular storage system that brings together the benefits of a sound-absorbing wall to improve working and domestic environments with the practicality of a storage system that can be adapted to and grow within a variety of spaces. Using wool felt as its primary material, Kera is completely biodegradable and naturally flame retardant, reducing the need for harsh chemicals to prevent fire and allowing it to be composted after use. Wool also improves indoor air quality by removing and chemically binding common volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide into its structure. Using the versatility and unique property of wool felt, Kera brings beauty, functionality, and health benefits to living and working environments.

Elisia Langdon is a recent graduate of Industrial Design and Sustainability at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Her work with furniture began in high school where she designed and built a treehouse for her senior project and interned for the furniture studio City Joinery in Massachusetts. During her junior semester abroad, she studied Furniture Design at Linnaeus University in Sweden and was among 30 independent designers chosen to show their work in the Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair in February 2017. Her current work addresses sustainability from both a material and systems perspective. Viewing furniture as the facilitator of habits and routines in both home and working environments, she incorporates ecological technologies such as aquaponics and evaporative cooling into the familiar forms of contemporary furniture design to promote sustainable living.