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Garmentobject: Wetgarment is the future of the ubiquitous t-shirt. A future-fashion ritual, the design concept uses biotech materials as the ‘fabrics’ of our future garments. A new use of high-tech material -- microbial cellulose grown in the biotech laboratory – replaces cellulose-based cotton formerly produced from plants. The material is used in a new fashion ritual exploring an alternative way of perceiving and interacting with the body, materials, fashion and designed objects. The ritual is part of a lifestyle, Vivorium, where the bio lab becomes the design studio, enabling new designed experiences and objects.

Vivorium is a lifestyle where biotechnology, materials, fashion and product design merge in everyday life and enable the exploration of new ways of perceiving and interacting with the body. The project blurs future-fashion, objects, and living through the extension of the body with things, from garments to grown materials. Five collections of things extend the body in a variety of ways: Toolcollection, Interiorobjects, Extensions, Garmentobjects, and Nourishments. Together, these function as extensions of the body and encourage a harmonious interactive experience. The lifestyle includes shoes and a functional stool grown from mycelium (the vegetative body of fungi), future garments crafted from lab grown materials, and tools that facilitate the new design processes. This provokes thought regarding the perception of the body in relation to the things all around it by creating a reciprocal style of living with designed and grown things. The future is part biotechnological experiment, part living performance, part designed things. Design is not only in our DNA, but formed at the genetic level, design is alive with products grown with biotechnology.