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Wilf Portable Floor Lamp


The aim of this project was to encourage greater use of portable lighting in the modern home. As battery and LED technology continues to improve, we are able to return to more traditional lighting scenarios, cable free and without any restrictions. Despite this, portable lights are often left stationary and unnoticed. The Wilf lamp is an engaging portable task lamp that encourages the user to utilise these new technologies, move the light around the home and illuminate their own little space. Developing a captivating counterbalance mechanism was fundamental to the interactivity of the lamp. A rubber ball encased between two rings combined with the weight of the battery below allows for 360 degrees of smooth movement and flexibility. Additionally, the slender stainless steel design is lightweight and convenient to carry, whilst a tactile pivoting shade featuring a seamlessly integrated toggle switch also invites the user to take control of the light. The result is a sleek, adaptable and engaging portable task lamp suited to modern lifestyles. Place it beside the dining table to create a temporary workspace, alongside your favourite reading chair or even by your bed. Wilf allows you to relax, sit or work wherever you like, without having to compromise on the quality of light.