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This is a transformable furniture ‘TRID’ that can be used from birth to adulthood, with 3 different functions: cradle, bouncer and chair. In other words, it can provide an optimum form which is usable for kids of all years and changeable into, in response to the growth of the child, the purpose or the usage. The furniture has one stable straight side and two different curved sides with swinging movements, so each side follows each suitable function. In general as the babies grow up rapidly, baby furniture needs to be replaced with big ones or another furniture. In many cases it would cause a lot of expense and wasted space. However, TRID grows with the child, so it can be change to another forms according to the growth, thereby reducing replacement cost and space.

This furniture can be assembled by yourself with simple tools, and the flat package helps to save space. In addition, the height of the footrest and backrest can be easily adjusted fitting to growth and physique of the child by changing the position of the dowel and the fabric seat. Therefore, the TRID is a multifunctional furniture which can be continuously utilized by changing the application to the one suited to the growing process of a baby. Time is money. If you can quickly manufacture the product, it helps to save cost. The manufacturing process of this furniture is quick because it is only cut the profiles and holes in both sides by the CNC milling machine between several tens of minutes. Moreover, as it is self-assembled with a flat package, there is no need to assemble at the factory, and the cost of delivery can also be saved. Time is fun. This furniture is made from natural wood that color changes and the texture increases with the passage of years. I chose birch plywood which exerts high resistance against force from all directions. Natural materials that can enjoy changing with aging are attractive for babies, children, and adults.