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A spin of a top is a measure of time. It captivates and draws the user’s attention, allowing for a moment of focus. When the spin is initiated, a constant smooth motion is created. The fact that this movement can be stopped abruptly at any time makes it a fragile experience, which invokes care. ‘Topped’ is a modern take on the timeless iconic spinning top, sitting pure and honestly, it adds a charming touch to any interior. “Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are the prelude to serious ideas.” - Charles Eames Charles and Ray Eames believed in play. They understood how powerful toys and the notion of play can be.

Taking their love for play, this minimalist product draws on our history of childhood toys and pays tribute to the dwindling craft of the toy maker. In preparation, a space needs to be cleared then as the top is held, a connection is made between the piece and the user as the weight and smooth exterior is felt. With a click of the fingers, the measure of time begins as the top is set into its unique motion. The almost hypnotic object starts in a concentric movement before settling to hover perfectly still on its axis, compelling the observer to keep their gaze. Depending on the user’s precision, the top will spin for a limited time; this can be seen as a reflection of our own mortality. As the top begins to slow it may tremble but remain spinning before the edge finally meets with the surface and slides to a stop where the piece sits at an angle as if to provoke another spin. Carved from fine natural hard wood, the top can stand-alone or sit as the lid of a smooth ceramic vessel which can hold ingredients in a kitchen or rest beautifully in a living space, storing small special things. The container is made using the slip casting method. The making process relies on time, the longer the liquid clay sits in the plaster mould, the thicker the walls of the piece become. Timing and patience is essential to make the piece strong.