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The Mage Cabinet


The Magé Cabinet is a celebration of Japanese and whisky culture combined in an intricate symbiotic relationship between two halves: the weight and visual simplicity of the cabinet and the delicacy of the branch inspired base. The eastern influence is taken from the traditional Japanese craft of Magewappa, in which straight Cedar is bent into lunchboxes and rice steamers. The Magé Cabinet reflects this through the flowing vertices of the top half whilst the exposed joinery of the bottom half expresses the understated nature of the craft. It is designed for the whisky enthusiast and does not restrict the presentation or placement of their collection. Marketed at both the inner city busy lifestyle and at quiet country living The Magé Cabinet is the perfect accompaniment to the whisky lovers off time, allowing them to both present and enjoy their whisky in a way that it deserves. Material. Chosen for its warmth and common availability Oak is a traditionally British choice for hard wearing furniture. Despite Cedar being the obvious choice for a Magewappa inspired piece, several advantages are offered by the Oak over the far softer Cedar. The chief amongst which is that it is far stronger and has a more consistent grain pattern when flat sawn. Although not visible at first glance the Maple contained within The Magé Cabinet is used as a contrast to better frame the fine joinery used as part of the drawer construction. Pale in colour and similarly hard wearing to its conjoined Oak, it is also used to visually frame the dark foam contained within the drawer. A traditional choice for drawer furniture and hinges brass is soft relatively soft and easy to work with. The custom-made drawer pull is hand crafted for this cabinet and reflects the exterior form. It both accentuates and enhances the luxurious feel with a touch of familiarity.