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Kel Lamp


Do play was a project aiming to encourage play in adults. The project came from me questioning why adults don’t engage in spontaneous body play as children do. Play gives people ‘time off’ from day to day life, it is being increasingly used in the work place to release stress and subsequently improving attitude and attention. Researching existing playful design for adults allowed me to develop three key insights. Firstly, I saw that even though an adult may want to do something spontaneously playful, or indulge in habit such as figure collecting, it is still viewed by many as childish or silly. My second observation concerned a utilitarian understanding of products - if something doesn’t have a purpose, adults are less interested in interacting with it. Finally, if something is small, I found that it could be ignored, whereas a large object creates an unavoidable interaction. Made from oak and standing at 640mm tall, the Kel Lamp gives adults an excuse to play, with no questioning or judgment. The horizontal oak dowels act as secondary light diffusion, but they also prompt interaction, asking to be rolled or slid and arranged as someone pleases. The Kel Lamp was designed to arouse this childlike curiosity in a socially acceptable way-to give adults an excuse to play. By stealing someone’s attention for a minute or so, the lamp gives a gentle push towards having ‘time off’, doing something just for the sake of doing it. Children don’t need a reason to play so why should adults?