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The origin of any glass vessel is the first breath, an essential element to the creation of any blown piece. We decided to record the sound of Jahday blowing into his iron and using the format of the sound wave as a visual stimulus. This is then manipulated into a three dimensional form using software in Solidworks. By recording this, we have essentially frozen a moment in time, where the craftsman becomes part of the object, therefore embodying himself and the process within the work. The mould and its digital lining was created using a CNC router to accurately mill the desired shape out of solid wood.

Whilst using moulds to create otherwise impossible handmade detailing in glass, we can now form an expression directly from the maker. Finding this bridge between two diverse fields provides the craftsmen with another form of expression within the material, an identity that can only manifest through a digital process. Due to the extreme temperature of molten glass, the wooden mould slowly deteriorated, although we were able to produce 12 pieces to a high standard. This gave us room to experiment with different colours and finishes to formulate a collection that can work together. We explored translucent, matte and metallic finishes to see what effect it would have on the curvature and light emission within its surroundings. As a finished product, Breathe is very flexible and can be refined into either a light, vessel, installation or displayed in a gallery. We aim for this project to open new doors for the unique world of digital craft.