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Duran Stone

For Chloé, design needs to enhance space and the user’s response within it, bringing unexpected, changing and fun elements into people’s life. Growing up in a bicultural home, as well as living in two very different and contrasting countries gives Chloé a unique understanding of the importance of colour, light, joy and new experiences in our everyday life. Through her work Chloé aims to create a stronger relationship between the users, the space and furniture, as well as influence the user perception and awareness of the objects within a space and the space itself. SÁAS (meaning light in the Mayan language) is a translucent coloured shelf unit, which goes beyond its functional purpose to enhance the space in which they are placed and connect with the user. The sculptural, abstract and colourful elements of the piece trigger the senses, bringing surprise, curiosity, fun and change into everyday spaces. The moveable acrylic pieces can be arranged in endless compositions and reveal themselves in different ways depending on the light, angle, time and position in which they are placed; through this uniqueness their form and essence go beyond the idea of furniture. Through the exploration of light, forms and colour, it is possible to incorporate unexpected and unconventional elements that can change the ambience of a room or setting as well as our experience within it. Light and colours affect our well-being, whether consciously or subconsciously, and when used in combination with the personality of each object, they can influence our moods taking us anywhere from tranquillity to playfulness and joy. In this way, objects and furniture become a transitory reflection of the surrounding space and time in a given moment.