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Apollo Tripod


The Apollo Tripod is a unique and versatile design created to suit all environments, taking inspiration from the Moon landing missions. The tripod shape and wide feet provide stability on uneven or soft ground, inspired by how the Apollo Lunar Module was designed to land perfectly on the surface of the moon. To protect the Apollo Tripod from the elements, it has a bespoke spray metallised finish consisting of multiple layers. First, the piece is coated with a specially developed epoxy resin paint, sealing the surface and giving a high gloss base coat. Next, the surface is metallised with a water-based chemical system, plating the surface with a layer of pure silver. Finally, it is dyed to the specified colour, and an aerospace grade clear lacquer is applied to protect it from damage. The golden colour is also a reference to the Lunar Module, which was clad in thermal insulation blankets.

Fitting within the brief of ‘Design meets Time’, the pieces’ longevity is greatly increased by its advanced coating, that protects against corrosion, tarnishing and the weather. Its colour and structure provides timeless quality, as gold has universally been the most desirable metal for its brilliance and permanence, since the first civilisations. In Ancient Greece, tripods (three legged structures) were used as a support for cauldrons or vases, although they could also function as ornaments, trophies, and sacrificial altars. Some were made of gold for use as dedications to the gods because of their special value. The most famous tripod belonged to the Pythia in the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi, who sat on the tripod to deliver the oracles of Apollo. Because of this, by the Classical Period, the tripod had come to be strongly associated with, and even sacred to, the god Apollo.