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I have created a Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) related lighting product for interiors that incorporates the movement of nature's light cycle by the use/interaction of body through motion, specifically focusing on aesthetics to improve on the existing market products. By taking away the white plastic that is utilised currently and adding warmer materials and colours to entice the user into a far more enjoyable experience. All current solutions to SAD focus on the intensity of light, my interest is to look at this from another perspective. Still taking into consideration the lux levels required, but by having a coloured rhythm that influences your brain behaviour combined with a more aesthetically pleasing object, the colours being used are blue and red. The cycle is timed at one revolution per day, so to reveal the different coloured light throughout the day. The blue is projected at 8:00am and the red at 8:00pm and then a gradient throughout the day. The blue helps to wake you up and keep your brain active whilst the red helps your body to wind down, giving you the time off that you need. This cycle helps with the circadian rhythm of the user and ensures consistency when using the product.