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180° Lamp


Probably there is nothing, which is more related to time than light is. With its help - with the help of the sunset and sunrise, we create a sense of time. I designed the wireless 180° Lamp to use light as an indicator of time. The product is concentrated on performing one single function very well, which is combined with a highly intuitive use. The 180° Lamp embraces the common gesture of an hourglass to start the dimming process, which is straight forward, simple and understandable. As turned 180° the light gradually dims until turning off after 45 minutes. To restart it just needs to be flipped over again. If one wants to turn the light off, the lamp can be placed horizontally on a facet. It can be used in every suitable situation, for example giving small children a better nights sleep or indicate some time to read before sleeping while one can calm down more naturally. The attached photos show the latest prototype and concept of 180° Lamp, whereas a final working prototype is in progress. Materials: Anodized aluminium, semi-transparent silicone, LED