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The Good Lock Mirror


Confidence is always the most fascinating side of people.

People are tired of looking at the vanity mirror, so it’s often hidden somewhere in the corner of the table. It seems to only serve the purpose of reflecting your face and applying makeup, and is only grabbed when needed.  But maybe the vanity mirror could be made prettier with various ways of switching its functionality. It could display a picture when needed or add a surprise to brighten up your life.

Instead of just expecting it to satisfy the fun and surprise of the space it occupies, we have tried to use the inspiration from the city of Taipei, a city mixed yet harmonious, to add an Asian motif to the unlimited possibilities of vanity mirrors.  Then, we found the Latch, a symbol full of Asian dynamism along with a practical “fix” function the "Good Lock Mirror" was born.

The Good Lock Mirror has a hexagonal copper bar that can be placed on different bases, providing you six different angles of reflection: 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 degrees. You can also play with the base to place the
mirror on various axes. Reflecting the light and angles of pictures, the mirror echoes the simple but multifunctional concept, creates the most beautiful angles and provides the space with a most surprisingly novel and poetic touch.