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The core design of Pu-Hua is from the simple, pure and honest dot line plane concept. Starting from the dot, making connection axes with lines and planes, the resulting connection gives birth to the Pu-Hua new style.

The Pu-Hua new style gives birth to many choices of chairs, stools, tables and ladders. An extraordinary and personal Pu-Hua can be created through simple combinations based on your own special requirements.

Pu-Hua can be changed into a wall decoration, for example, to replaced or free up storage space. When Pu-Hua is damaged, only the damaged part needs to be replaced. In future, the Pu-Hua system will be customized with other materials and sizes to create a more personalized and diversified Pu-Hua. Simplify life and enjoy yourself, all in Pu-Hua.