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In the Secret Garden

Jadis Lighting Sculpture

Ini Archibong

Jadis Lighting Sculpture belongs to an exclusive, handcrafted design object collection, whose inspiration was initiated during designer Ini Archibong’s MA course in Luxury Design and Craftsmanship at ECAL. The objects were designed above all with an eye to their aesthetic effect, and draw inspiration from some of the favourite fairy tales of the designer’s childhood. The name of his luxurious and expansive lighting sculpture refers to the White Witch, Jadis of Charn, from C.S. Lewis’s children’s book “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. The coloured lampshades, consisting of hand-blown glass, accordingly incorporate crystalline buds. The handmade marble ceiling plate on the other hand, from which the variously shaped glass shades – illuminated by nostalgic carbon filament bulbs – are suspended, symbolises the ice and frost of the White Witch’s realm.