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Urban Nature


In the modern society, being natural seems so hard to be realized. However, I suggest a way to co-exist with a mood called 'Urban Nature': Being modern and chic, at the same time classic with natural lines and natural-oriented mood.

I want to make the accessories not that complicated which is also one of the RADO styles. I focus more on being simple but with natural mood. In the case of the shoe, the curvy line along the foot is very natural and smooth, in the contrast, the heel part of the shoe is very hard and rigid with the combinations of wooden and metallic materials. In addition, the bag has soft shape with calf skin leather with two rings made up of wood and metallic materials. The rings mean them co-existing and being connected to each other strongly.

Since natural is back, we need to know how to deal with and co-exist with them. These combinations in my accessory designs are supposed to present being natural with two materials and moods that could be opposite; wood and metallic, soft and hard and natural and artificial. I want to say that Urban Nature can be realized not only with materials or complicated design, but with the mood and atmosphere itself.