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Fantasy Land


Nowadays having time for themselves is considered a luxury. Human is always more in search of his freedom of expression and movement, to give voice to his instincts. The achievement of peace of mind can take place in a fantasy world. This place, as in a fairy tale, is full of silence and relaxing atmospheres: a mix of dark colours in shades of blue and transparencies with small bright spots like fireflies in the night.

Flexibility is the key. The round shape allows to have different degrees of isolation: the more you go inside, the more you get intimacy.

Thanks to its functional composition the pop up store can be placed in different locations both in an open space and in a closed one. So who is outside is tempt to enter instead who is inside is carefree. More will be the panels one after the other more will be the cover of the “inside” as an overlap of layers. The panels will be in special plexiglass, more easily transportable and workable than glass.

The importance of ceramic for Rado is reflected in the Store with the upcycling of scraps used as tiles for the modular floor. As the entire store also the ceiling is made of module (composed by a metallic frame) easily to moved and transport. The sustainability of the project is given not only by the recycling of waste material but above all by the assembly of the completely dry sore.

Four different types of exhibitors for objects of different sizes. They are made by a steel cable which, thanks to the bases, can be added to the store structure. Exhibitors occupy a limited and flexible space indeed they can be moved according to needs. The objects seem to float inside the store.