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The Cell Textile

In a world where biometric system will manage our data, materials will be integrated with individual characteristics costumed fitted. The use of organic materials and biomaterials (substance that has been engineered to interact with biological systems) along with biometric information, will be synthesized into a new organism; dynamic, breathable, sustainable and adaptable: the Cell Textile.

The cell textile containing different bio information enabling transformation according to one’s needs. Like a big nurturing coat that can change from soft and flexible to strong and protective, changing temperature and surface, acting like one’s own skin. 

The design initiates from a “mother cell” that, like the biological cell, will reproduce itself into multicellular organisms, creating a bio-engineered system, a textile, a skin mimic, reacting to the individual, his DNA and his biometric information.

In addition, the cell textile will contain all the data possible, shapes and textures, colors and materials. Like an amorphic compilation of cells, taking shape and size together. It will be able to change to breathable, light and technical during sports exercise, also individually, insulating and warming, water repellent and body temperature balance. All according to one’s bio information and comfort immediate needs.