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Today, we rely on technology to do and solve almost everything. We imprisoned our galaxies and stars on smart phone screens forgetting the true colors of seasons and oceans. We translated our discoveries on this planet in any possible language, yet we forgot one main language:
that of our beloved nature.

Wasn’t nature itself the first to provide us with air so that our words can flow, our trees can grow and our dreams can glow?

Starting from the Greek sculptor Phidias (490-430 BC) until Leonardo Fibonacci (1170-1250) and all their successors, perfection was related to a simple code in every simple thing we know known until today as “THE DIVINE PROPORTION”. 

This DIVINE PROPORTION code is believed until today to be the reason behind the harmony of sounds in everything carrying its form within like the ear, the seashell cavity etc. That’s why a seashell once held up close to our ears can harmonize with our earlobes and make us hear what we call the sound of the ocean/waves.

The sound of the ocean is in fact the noise of the surrounding environment resonating within the cavity of the shell (Seashell Resonance). This effect is due to the resemblance between the ocean movements and airflow. The more the noise might pollute our surroundings, the more the ocean’s sound will start to play.

AWAY is a headset based on the exact divisions of a seashell cavity, THE DIVINE PROPORTION code and RADO’s high tech materials transforming our everyday’s noise surroundings into a Luxury Time Experience of Authentic Peace and Natural Freedom.

Nature’s music is always playing only for those who listen.