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Julien Manaira

Technique used
The manufacturing procedure consists of ‘open’ moulds in which the plastic resin is cast manually, layer by layer. The thickness and structure are formed by the accumulation of layers combined with the particular spatial positioning of the mould. The freedom given to the operator lies in his ability to make decisions, such as the quantity of material used, the order of manufacture for different parts of the object, the pivoting angle of the mould to create the thickness and the size of the cast parts.

In this procedure, the epoxy resin enables a more direct approach to the plastic material. It allows the operator to be involved both mentally and physically in transforming the material into an object. The pigmentation of the material makes it possible to show the movements of the material to make the object. The pigmentation also shows the thickness of the object, directly linked to the manufacturing process and dependent on the choices and actions of the operator.

Epoxy resin

95 x 70 x 20 cm