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Dimitry Hlinka

SILHOUETTE is a range of lightweight and versatile sideboards with refined, airy lines that reveal the piece in the space that it occupies.

The structure has been created using the hot bending technique and is made from bamboo and slate thanks to a collaboration with a bamboo master in the Nantou region of Taiwan.

Slightly less tall and a little smaller than a classic sideboard, SILHOUETTE can be used as a desk and has been designed to offer storage under the top. 

The SILHOUETTE project was born following a stay by Dimitry Hlinka in Taiwan’s Nantou region. This is a region famous for its local craftsmanship: bamboo, ceramic, weaving, dyeing, and where the protection of skills is supported by the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute in Caotun.

SILHOUETTE was realised within the framework of the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, with the help of Lin Jiang-Cheng, bamboo master in the Nantou region. It was while observing the mechanical possibilities of bamboo that Dimitry thought about an assembly principle with the aim of creating lightweight, hot-bent structures. A technique that Lin Jiang-Cheng masters perfectly.

Laminated bamboo
The base is comprised of two identical gauges which ‘interlock’ in order to obtain the structure. The top is made from a braided slate slab positioned on a curve in order to facilitate the bending of the material and allow the use of stone to harmonise with the bamboo structure.

115 x 75 x 50 cm