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Maxime Jouet

OMAILLET is a bench comprised of a top panel in two assembled parts with two rails where the feet go into the panel and lock with the help of inserted wedges.

The attention of the project was concentrated on the wood assembly, allowing the piece to not only be assembled and dismantled easily but above all to have a light appearance.

The aim of the project was to create a bench without any crosspieces in order to achieve the ‘lightest’ result possible. The two rails linking the tops with the feet thus form the ‘skeleton’ of the bench, allowing it to be robust and stable and go without crosspieces.

These rails are machined with a dovetail underneath the top panels, across the width.The four feet were machined with the use of a lathe to give them a slightly tapered shape (narrowing towards the ground).

Finally, a centimetre between the assembled top panels makes it possible to see from the top that there is an assembly underneath, allowing the whole thing to be unified and encouraging the viewer to take a closer look.

Solid white ash, top panel covered with hide, leather or fabric.
The product is also offered made from 100% wood, top panels covered with the hide, leather or fabric of your choice.

Height: 42 cm
Length: 160 cm
Width: 36 cm