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Xiaoye Zhang

NUEE is an acoustic light concept intended for use in workstations in open-plan office space. Used in this way, the lights would help diminish noise disturbance and provide naturalness in the office by recreating the movement of a flock of birds.

The aluminium structure is itself inspired by the shape of a bird and makes it possible to create space in which the light source and soundproofing materials are installed. The gradually finer, lightweight wings on the outside reduce this size and the polyester wadding (material with soundproofing properties) contained inside forms a sound trap.

The structure is covered by two kinds of fabric: a white textured fabric that allows light to pass through underneath, while the top is covered with blue acoustic fabric to create a contrast and absorb background noise. A space inside between the polyester wadding and the white fabric is left empty in order for the light to diffuse along the wings.

Aluminium structure with light source.
Acoustic fabric.
Polyester wadding
Reflective, textured white fabric

Height: 31 cm
Length: 105 cm
Width: 60 cm