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“Clouds” glass modular wall
Prototype, 2018.
Creation of a decorative modular wall visible from both sides, consisting of small triangular elements in glass and copper.

Intended uses and applications:
Coloured glass parts (ARTISTA) are assembled together to form a suspended mesh of variable dimensions and decorations, the use and shape of which are reminiscent of a screen and stained-glass window: This wall can be perceived as a stained glass window free from walls and relieved of lead, which delimits and covers an interior space like a screen.

Wall adjustable to the desired dimensions based on the number of modules used. Multiple customisable decorations with this principle, making it possible to create an abstract pattern or an image with a pixelated finish. Possibility of designing these modules with other materials
(concrete, plaster, paraffin...) to vary the finishes and effects, and reduce costs.

Description and manufacturing principle:
The glass elements incorporate a fine copper structure that allows them to be combined together using rivets. Copper is the only metal compatible with glass for firing.
The triangulation of the structure ensures the resistance and flexibility of the entire wall.
Two layers of glass (Artista 3mm thick) include a thin laser-cut copper structure. The whole creation is fused together by baking at 780°C.
The choice of the associated glass colours on both sides allows for a variety of coloured shades.

“Clouds” glass modular wall
Wall with cloud pattern (under construction).
Dimensions: 2000 x 1200 mm, thickness: 6 mm
Total mesh weight: approx. 35 kg