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Natalia Baudoin

The indigenous technique consisted of placing baskets covered with pottery into underground ovens in direct contact with the fire. The basket burned, leaving its imprint on the clay pieces.

Natalia Beaudoin developed models based on the baskets in order to obtain woven textures. She then made plaster moulds to produce moulded ceramic pieces, thus using a standardised technique but while retaining traces of the ancient process.

- The memory of the aboriginal community which inspired the manufacturing techniques: the Comechingón community le Pueblito de la Toma. For a long time, this community was believed to have disappeared. However, its members are fighting to keep the community alive by recovering and passing on aboriginal knowledge to their younger generations.
- The memory of the basket maker who made the moulds in that every piece will bear a trace of his work and craftsmanship. This trace will make this project unique. It is full of meaning because it carries indigenous knowledge and the history of the community.
- The memory of a period of time when Natalia worked with this indigenous community during her stay in Córdoba in Argentina.