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Without light we cannot see shapes or colours. The color is not in the object itself but in the light which strikes the object and is reflected to the eye. If our life would be in black and white, what would we feel seeing colour for the first time?

Working on this concept, OliveLab team has created APPARENZA: a project that plays with color and shadows using light as a way to go beyond the appearance and reveal things as they really are.
The result is a series of lamp whose minimalistic body is totally black; every detail, from the base to the led holder, is totally colourless. However appearance can be an illusion: as soon as light hits determinate filters placed face to the light sources, the dark shades magically turn into colorful shapes.

Magic is intense: APPARENZA reveal unexpected colors creating a sense of wonder as a young baby that see the amazing colours of life for the first time.


Use: ambient light/reading point light
Materials and process: Black aluminum and resin-based light sensitive filters
Technical specs: 3x 4.7W LED 3000K
Both floor version and sconce need to be placed near a wall (possible white or light grey) to exalt the lamps estetic and colours