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The eutrophication of waters has caused an abnormal proliferation of algae on the beaches of Brittany. They proliferate to create a polluting, toxic organic matter. The main challenge of the Alga project is to elevate this local waste to the level of positive production, so that it can be used for design or arrangement.

The project has been created around numerous collaborations with specialists from the world of biology, science and ecology. The designer first worked with the algae in an artisanal way then became interested in the intrinsic composition of the material. In collaboration with a chemical researcher, the designer succeeded in obtaining new materials entirely made from algae thanks to a semi-industrial process.

Based on the characteristics of various types of algae, Samuel Tomatis defined a certain number of applications such as furniture, a light, gardening tools, a construction material, containers for food, and even a textile. These applications crystallise through precise constraints linked to these new materials - texture, mechanical resistance, surface condition, flexibility, biodegradability or opalescence.