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As a student in Global Design at the Ecole Bleue (Paris 11ème), this year I am presenting my master's degree.
For this diploma, I chose to work on a comfortable seat in Design.

What is comfort?
Comfort can be studied in design from several angles:
- Physical comfort, i.e. ergonomics, the shape given to the object, how do we sit?
- The comfort of touch with the choice of materials and textures
- Visual comfort with colours but also aesthetic shapes.

It seemed interesting to me to combine these different ways of seeing comfort and to adapt them to suit our behaviour and needs.

I present to you AGRUME
AGRUME is directly inspired by a fruit basket. Isn't it nice to imagine yourself lying on soft, fruit-shaped cushions in a large basket? You could sit down together and change the position of the cushions just as you change the composition of your basket. Here's my original idea. Create a circular chair that invites several people to come and sit in it. The cushions would be of different heights to form a small interior landscape. The soft material of the foam and felt tapestry would contrast with the black metallic and geometric structure. AGRUME is ideal for restaurant entrances, hotel lobbies... It will brighten up your expectations!

AGRUME is therefore comprised of:
- A 16mm square-section steel structure painted black
- 3 wooden boxes used as a structure for the 3 cushions
- Foam to make the backrests and add comfort to the seat
- Coloured felt fabrics from Kvadrat