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Flora Miranda's chosen mission is to challenge the obsolete ideas of haute couture — for several years she has been researching physical boundary experiences that take place in real and virtual spaces. She considers the body to be pure information — an idea that makes it possible “to send the body like an e-mail”. With her “Time Warp” installation, Flora Miranda broaches the theories, models and concepts of quantum physics: “It is this step beyond the everyday body that I visually study in my work, an aesthetic of the intangible, the immaterial." The dress itself was crafted via meticulous handwork. A body of fine, reflective plastic particles is set in motion and challenges the stability of matter and time. With her creation, the fashion designer wishes to create dreams and longings — for her, fashion is a form of escapism. Her concept of fashion is not merely about clothing and accessories, but also an entire aesthetic world with which we surround ourselves and which we believe in.